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Toadily Divine  Acadmey

Toadily Divine Academy

Toadily Divine Academy is our Sparkle Squad, Member Network with Mighty Networks.  It is free to join with Paid Groups within the Academy. The Academy includes posts similar to a blog,  as well as topics that you may follow.  You even have the option to download an App  to have easy access to the Academy.

Topics – Current topics that you may follow are : Energy Systems of the Body - Angels - Faith Healing& Reiki - Fairy Angel Journeys - Faith Wheel -  Angel Cards & Angel Tarot - What is Reflexology? - Intuition 101 - Living TOADILY Divine - A Course in Miracles - Podcast  - with more to come.

Groups :  Currently there are two paid Groups - Sparkly Pollywogs and  Sparkly Tadpoles

Events will be posted,  as well as courses and workshops  to the Toadily Divine Academy Members first.